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TNR'ing the Ferals (Trap/Neuter/Return)

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Carole S. Milker
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Halo joined the colony and is now Neutered and ear tipped. He also has a microchip.

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A group of feral cats at feeding time
CSM Stray Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable animal protection group registered with the IRS and New York State promoting humane treatment for feral cats and no-kill alternatives. Your donations are tax deductible in accordance with tax laws.

CSM Strays originated in the Kew Gardens area of Queens.  We are members of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, Inc., the NYC Feral Cat Council and ASPCA's "Partners in Caring."

We promote TNR in the control of feral cat overpopulation, provide educational workshops as trainers in the five Boroughs of NYC via the NYC Feral Cat Council.  Participants of the 3 hour workshops receive certification in TNR and get access to traps, transportation and spay/neuter. Click on our link below to find a workshop near you.

A Senior Citizen Shelter-building Program provides permanent shelters for feral cat colonies.  We also arrange for veterinary services such as spay/neuter, vaccinations, and other medical treatments before the feral cats are returned.

If you wish to adopt social cats, contact the Mayor's Alliance adoption organizations.  We do not have cats for adoption.  We focus on TNR of feral cats and TNR training for feral cat colony caregivers.

We train members of the community to manage their feral colonies.  We do not relocate feral cats.

We recommend that if you are interested in getting training in learning to manage a feral cat colony, you contact the NYC Feral Cat Council and find out the available workshops for your project.  CSM Strays takes pride in helping the seniors of Queens that are not physically able to take a workshop and need direct assistance in trapping, transporting and returning their feral cats. 

Maine Coon with annual grooming.
Bubbles waits for breakfast. Food is kept in the container to keep dry in the rain and snow. Our ferals are left ear-tipped and are all spay/neutered and vaccinated.
CSM Stray Foundation is a Maddie's Pet Partner. Click on the logo to find out about Maddie's Fund
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Register for TNR Workshops
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Alley Cat Allies
Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals
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Donate $50 or more to our senior feral cat 

emergency medical fund and receive some 

unique CSM Stray TNR photostamps as a token of our appreciation.


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100% of your donations
assist the care and management
of feral cats that have no voice.
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